About Art Pilgrim


” Creativity is a technology of vast proportions, its true dimensions yet unmapped
We explore the frontiers of living myth, inspired by the synthesis of word and image
and the restoration of their sacred alliance. 
Resplendent remembrance of the deepest song is the aim underlying our activities of 
painting, storytelling and co- creation ” 


Art Pilgrim is an arts organisation.

Art Pilgrim shares workshops, exhibitions and gatherings in the field of visionary art and mythopoetic studies. We invite participation from like-minded artists.





Daniel Mirante is a painter, researcher and teacher of painting techniques, symbols, and restoration of the creative vision.

Daniel specialises in a diverse array of methods, but primarily  ‘mixed techniques’ of egg tempera with oil glazes, known as mischtechnik. An old masters method, modernised in the 20th century by the primary artist of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, Ernst Fuchs.

The mischtechnik is widely appreciated within the visionary art movement as a technique which lends itself perfectly to the depiction of inner realms, visions and dreams. It is a great step-by-step inroad into the deep principles of oil painting.Daniel Mirante

Initially self-taught, Daniel then sought instruction from the lineage of fantastic realism via Brigid Marlin, then Ernst Fuchs. He is dedicated to dispensing this knowledge to his students open-handed, to empower their own personal creativity,

Daniel teaches with regularity at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art (www.academyofvisonaryart.com), as part of its founding faculty.  Daniel’s teaching methods are highly regarded as being sensitive to individual needs as well as facilitating a group atmosphere of focus and fun.



Judith Way (MA, Myth Cosmology and the Sacred) is a self taught artist and poet, and teacher of yoga, dance and creative movement. Co founder of Art Pilgrim, where the work is dedicated to mapping new territories in creative experience.  Developing the relationship between the power of word and image is the nature of her pilgrimage.



Participating Artists : View our past workshops for more details.


Art pilgrim opened up a beautiful, creative and exploratory space in which I found the inspiration and support to meet and follow my vision. Daniel and Judith’s great teachings and the knowledge they imparted with us equipped me with the skills and confidence to continue my creative journey, both during the workshop and beyond. – Li Lian Kolster