12th-18th October Australia – Mischtechnik workshop with Daniel Mirante

Join us for a group journey into the heart of art this October, with a potent training in traditional approaches of painterly techniques and alchemical symbolism to realise new visions of spirit.

Date : 12th-18th October Australia

Location : Paradise One, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

About the Course :

This journey will be valuable for people wishing to activate their creativity, or for experienced artists wanting to take a group journey of development in mischtechnik (oils and egg tempera) in the beautiful surroundings of Paradise One.

In a group journey suitable for artists of all ages, we will connect to the inspiration and traditional knowledge contained within lineages of painting, taught by Daniel Mirante, an experienced space-holder, teacher and painter at The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

Although the traditional approaches of painting were almost extinguished through 20th century modernism, and now unknown and untaught in conventional art education, there is a renewed interest in the practice of painting.

This workshop is an empowering introduction and development to the principles of the craft of oil painting, and ‘mischtechnik’ – mixed technique variants, involving the use of egg tempera and tempera grassa. The combination of oils and tempera allows for a broad range of painterly expression.

This workshop aims to provide empowering time-tested principles and strong ‘ways in’ to painting, in an un-obscured and transparent way. Our studies will attempt to balance ‘techne’ (craft), and ‘psyche’ (internal creative dimension).

The mannerist painters used these terms:
disegno interno (internal symbolic dimension)
disegno esterno (external design – referencing nature)
discordia concors (the union of opposites)

In this balance we will maximise this opportunity to hone our artistic skill and personal artistic language. Group support and momentum, and time out of the usual flow of life creates the opportunity to suspend and reforge patterns, grow in our understanding of ourselves and


  • We will use decalcomania – the creation of paint textures – to produce landscapes and starting points for spontanious imagery
  • We will learn about optical grisaille underpainting, a method of the venetian masters
  • We will paint with rare and alchemically produced pigments used by the old masters, before development of synthetic modern alternatives.
  • We will develop a deep understanding of natural paint mediums and their roles in the process, by familiarising ourselves with the materials and painting with mediums we ourselves have made.
  • We will practice glazing,scumbling and optical color mixing
  • We will learn about producing depth in our painting
  • We will learn about studio safety and how to minimise the health hazards involved in painting

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